General Engineering

ENGI 1110


An introduction to the field of engineering graphics as a design and documentation tool. Topics include orthographic projection, pictorial drawings, dimensioning, feature control symbols and tolerancing. Use of computer-aided design (CAD) system to create engineering drawings.

ENGI 2260


Introduction to economic evaluation of investments for engineering projects. Life cycle costing. Depreciation and income tax determination. Replacement analysis. Evaluation of public projects.

ENGI 2270


This course introduces students to the basic concepts of probability and statistics and its applications to the solution of engineering problems. Principles of probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distribution, hypothesis testing, correlation and simpler linear regression concepts will be essential to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

ENGI 2310


The students will learn the steps that lead to the possible solution to a problem. In addition, the course presents the tools used in the development of a program.

ENGI 2320


Introduction to fundamental electrical engineering concepts. Study of electrical quantities such as current, voltage, energy, and power. Study of the ideal behavior of resistors, inductors, and capacitors as well as various independent and dependent ideal energy sources. Introduction to basic techniques of electrical circuit analysis.

COOP 3010


Course with a cocurricular perspective. The student will receive training for soft skills development necessary for an efficient performance in the professional environment. In addition, the student will be exposed to a practical experience in cooperation with private industry or government to be jointly supervised by the academic department, Career & Internship Services Program, and an official from the industry.

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Asynchronous instructional modality. The instructional content is divided into 12 modules. 

Most courses are three credit hours. The following are three examples of the total tuition and fees based on enrolling in a 3 credit-hour course, two 3-credit hour courses; two 3-credit hour courses and a 1-credit-hour lab.


The following academic programs are accredited by ABET’s Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC)
  1. a. BS in Biomedical Engineering
  2. b. BS in Chemical Engineering
  3. c. BS in Civil Engineering
  4. d. BS in Computer Engineering
  5. e. BS in Industrial Engineering is accredited
  6. f. BS in Electrical Engineering is accredited
  7. g. BS in Environmental Engineering is accredited
  8. h. BS in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace
The BS in Land Surveying is accredited by Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission (ANSAC) of ABET The BS in Computer Science is accredited by the Computer Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET
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