Academic Information

Requirements and definitions

The student should be especially familiar with (1) this section of the Catalog, (2) the section containing the academic requirements for the degree he/she plans to earn, (3) the offerings of his/her major program of study, and (4) any changes published after the publication of this Catalog. A degree will be awarded only to a student who has satisfied all the academic and administrative requirements of Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Academic Schedule:

Registration for all students is held prior to the beginning of each quarter on designated days as specified in the Academic Calendar. Completion of registration for each quarter is a prerequisite of class attendance. The academic year consists of three terms, and one summer session. Fall, Winter, and Spring classes are scheduled from 7:30am to 10:30pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 8:00am to 5:00pm Fridays and Saturdays. Depending upon the term, students may be required to make up class contact hours lost due to days observed as holidays.

Changes In Class Schedule:

During the first week of classes a student may, add, – drop from, courses by completing a Change of Program Form at the Registrar’s Office.
Add Policy: A student may add a course during the official Add/Drop period; a class which has been dropped will not appear in his/her permanent record. Approval of the student’s director is necessary before any course change is made. For withdrawal after the Add/Drop period, consult the Withdrawal Policy.

Academic Load:

The minimum full time load per term is twelve (12) credit hours. To register for sixteen (16) credit-hours or above the student must seek the approval of the Department Director and Dean. Credit-hours will not be awarded for courses in which the student is not properly registered.

Definition Of Credit-Hour:

One credit-hour corresponds to 15 contact hours per credit per term for a lecture course, and 30 to 45 contact hours per term per credit for laboratory or practicum course. The exception is each one of the Architecture (ARCH) courses which requires twelve (12) contact hours per week.

Withdrawal From Courses:

The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico does not encourage withdrawal from courses. Nonetheless, should a student consider withdrawing from a course, consultation with counselors or mentors is recommended to discuss possible options other than withdrawal. The withdrawal form must be approved by the Financial Aid Officer, Counseling Officer, Office of the Registrar, and Finance Officer by the stated deadline. Students may withdraw from courses two weeks before ending a term, or on the date specified in the academic calendar.

Total Withdrawal:

Students needing to withdraw from the University for personal reason, must secure a Withdrawal Form from the Office of the Registrar. This type of withdrawal must be signed by the Institution’s Counselor, Librarian, Financial Aid Officer, Offices of the Registrar and Finance. The application shall be submitted to the Office of the Registrar on the stated deadline.

Grading System:

The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico utilizes an alphanumeric grading system. The grades that must appear in the mid term and final reports are as follows:
  • A Excellent (4 honor points per credit-hour)
  • B Good (3 honor points per credit-hour)
  • C Satisfactory (2 honor points per credit-hour)
  • D Deficient (I honor point per credit-hour)
  • F Failure (0 honor points per credit-hour)
  • I Incomplete (0 honor points per credit-hour)

Grade Index:

A student’s grade index is the measure of academic achievement and computed as follows:
  • The total number of credit-hours corresponding to all courses taken, counted once, and having a grade of A,B,C,D, or F is obtained (T).
  • The credit-hours of each course is multiplied by 4,3,2,1 or 0 according to grades of A,B,C,D or F, respectively.
  • These products are added (S); and
  • S is divided by T to obtain the grade-index.
A student may be allowed to repeat a course passed with a “D”, before taking the next course in the sequence, if the corresponding Department Head considers that the case has sufficient merit to receive authorization. In computing the grade-index, the highest grade obtained in a repeated course will be used whenever it is higher than the original grade. If the grade obtained in the repeated course is lower than the original grade, the original grade will prevail.


  • AU Audit (class audited only)
  • R Repeated course
  • W (Withdrawal) Indicates that that student was permitted to withdraw from a course without penalty. It indicates that authorization of the officers previously mentioned was obtained.
  • P Pass, only for specified courses
  • NP No passed, only for specified courses
  • E Expired course (course not longer offered)

General Policy And Procedures To Evaluate Student Academic Achievement:

The policy and procedures for student retention, probationary status, suspension, and permanent dismissal are established mechanisms that allow for the evaluation of a student’s academic achievement.
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico requires every student to demonstrate academic progress in the number of academic credit-hours completed and the grade point average the student maintains.