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Computer Science M.A. student wins award at Poster Symposium


The graduate student Bruno G. Dueño Ortiz is doing his master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialty in IT Management and Information Assurance. He is also part of the Nuclear Education Fellowship Program (NEFP) with Angel E. Gonzalez Lizardo Ph.D. as the director.

Bruno participated of a summer internship in the Global Security directorate at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California. He was part of the nuclear research program with a project to create a Decision Support System (DSS) to increase the effectiveness of detecting nuclear and radiation emitting materials in cargo shipments received in the ports of the United States. There are sensors in every port of the United States to detect radiation emitting materials and minimize the threats that can enter our country. The software used at the moment creates many false-positives increasing the costs of maintaining the ports secure. My job was to create a DSS that can be easy to understand by the port officers and complete enough to be able to acknowledge the different radiation emitting materials that can be used for criminal purposes. The design of the general user interface passed through 13 revisions to be approved by the Department of Transportation, Carnegie Mellon University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The team of research partners helped in analyzing the user interfaces and creating a prototype that can be shown to the Department of Homeland Security with all the analysis needed for the profiling, spectrums and plots needed to detect threats.

Bruno presented his work and results in the Summer Poster Symposium in LLNL held in August 7, 2013. The title of his poster was the “User Interface Design and Development of the Enhanced Radiological Nuclear Inspection Evaluation (ERNIE) Tool”. A hundred and fifty students participated in the poster presentation but only 15 students received awards for their presentation and contribution to the Laboratory. The awards were given to the top presentations of each area of research: Engineering, Global Security, Computation, Physics and the Director’s office.

We want to congratulate Bruno in his achievement in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and wish him success in his future achievements.