Campus Maps

Mapa Interior – Campus PUPR

Mapa Campus SJ Poli

1. Multiusos Building

– Cafeteria (1st floor)

– Security Office (1st floor)

– Math and Sciences Department (2nd floor)

– School of Architecture (3rd and 4th floor)

2. Pavilion Building

– Plasma Laboratory (1st floor)

– School of Management and Entrepreneurship (2nd floor)

 – Biomedical Engineering Department (2nd floor)

3. Laboratory Building

– Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying Department (1st floor)

– Industrial Engineering Department (2nd floor)

– Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department (3rd floor)

– Mechanical Engineering Department (4th floor)

4. Main Building / Administrative Offices

– Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Counseling, Career and Internship Services Program, Student Services (1st floor)

– Finance Office and Accounting (2nd floor)

– Chemical Engineering Department (2nd floor)

– President’s Office (2nd floor)

– Tutoring Services (3rd floor)

5. Library

6. Fifth Centennial Plaza

7. Amphitheater

8. Drop Off

9. Student’s Parking

10. Medical Services

11. Parking for faculty, administration and visitors

12. Main University Entrance

13. Student’s Parking Entrance

14. Student Residences

15. Alhambra Street

16. José Martí Street

17. Ponce de León Avenue

Localización de Campus PUPR