Master of Engineering Management

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The Master in Engineering Management (MEM) program prepares professionals for managing complex technological organizations in service and manufacturing industries. The program of study is multi and intra disciplinary, merging the latest development in management and technology theory and practices. The program design aims at developing the knowledge, abilities and judgment to become a successful manager and entrepreneur using best practices, techniques and paradigms of project management, supply chain operations and system thinking. Therefore, it provides a well balanced education among management and business thinking, engineering judgment, and technological operations.


The combination of management concepts and technical skills presented in the MEM Program allows engineers to acquire the managerial skills necessary to advance in today’s technological driven organizations, in either the service or manufacturing sector. Emphasizing the continuity of management and engineering related efforts from planning through development, operations and controlling, and stressing the application of management and system theory and techniques to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, is one key issue facing many organizations. Based on these realities the Program stresses the importance on using practices of project and program management, management information systems, organizational behavior, and system operations. It is amply confirmed that the MEM Program is well designed to develop future industry leaders by combining a core management curriculum with a master‟s level education.

Graduate Profile

Admission Requirements

The MEM program is subject to the general admission requirements of the Graduate School. The admission requirements specific to the MEM program are as follows:

– Possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
– Have obtained a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.50/4.00.

Degree Offered

The program offers graduate instruction leading to the Master of Engineering Management Degree. The emphasis areas are:

– Manufacturing Management
– Construction Management
– Environmental Management
– General Engineering Management

Curricular Sequence

The structure of the program and the sequence of the curriculum include a series of courses on basic, general, and areas of emphasis.

All students entering the Graduate School of Management will take 18 credit-hours as part of the General Core Courses in Management.

This core will provide all graduate students with a common and basic core of knowledge needed to carry out further graduate work in their respective areas of specialization.