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CUSPS II Participates in AGMUS Research Symposium


On Saturday, August 30, the members composing the Caribbean Undergraduate Students in Plasma Science (CUSPS) group of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Plasma Physics Laboratory participated in the annual AGMUS Research Symposium, hosted by Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez. The students had the opportunity to expose the work done at the laboratory in the form of a poster or an oral presentation. Their expositions competed with those of students of other institutions in Puerto Rico and the United States. Carola Cruz was awarded Best Poster Presentation among eight other students.


Carola Cruz Molina with her poster: Long-wavelength (λ ≈ 16µm) Quantum Cascade Laser Active Region based on a Bound-to-Continuum transition


Félix Díaz Medero exposing his oral presentation titled: Calculate the magnetic Field for Multiple Current Coils Configurations using the Biot-Savart law.


Gabriel Colón Cacho with his poster titled: Implementation of Lorentz Force and Leapfrog Algorithm using MatLab


Julio Lebrón Feliciano exposing his oral presentation titled: Single-charged Particle Trajectory Simulation in Various Magnetic Field Configurations and Microwaves through the Leap-frog Algorithm


Mirnalyn Castro Lozada with her poster titled: Hot Electron Energy Analyzer Design for Electron Cyclotron Resonance Mirror-Cusp Plasma Device


Naomi Delgado exposing her oral presentation titled: Magnetic Field Measurements in Mirror and Cusp configurations for an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Reactor


Ricardo Colón Montes with his poster: Attenuation of a Copper Cover on a Hall Effect Probe