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Students introduce study about Cantera

San Juan, Puerto Rico (July 2013) – Students of the Land Surveying and Mapping Program, from the Department of Geomatic Sciences in the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR), performed an exciting study about the Guachinanga islet in the Cantera peninsula, which will encourage the use of this natural resource in the near future.

The study, which was commissioned by the Company for the Comprehensive Development of the Cantera Peninsula (Compañía para el Desarrollo Integral de la Península de Cantera), was meant to survey the boundaries of the shoreline and its topographical development, prepare the area for measurement, delimit its paths, and render a graphical representation of the zone. The team charged with these tasks included Anthony Orlandi, Jhamil Rivera Zayas, Steven Gelpí, Kelvin González, Francisco De Benney, José López and Erik Gómez, who are students of professor and surveyor Marcos Colón in his Surveying 3308 course.

The students visited the Guachinanga islet throughout several weeks, keeping in mind the study requirements to map out the area. With the resulting data, architects and engineers will be able to design paths and tour lanes for visitors. “This will be of tremendous help towards developing the Cantera peninsula ecotourism/community project, while simultaneously keeping its resources protected under the law,” explained Luis Cintrón, engineer and executive chairperson of the Company for the Comprehensive Development of the Cantera Peninsula.

Fernando Silva Caraballo, chairperson of the Science Institute for the Conservation of Puerto Rico, emphasized that “these students have considerably contributed not only to academia, but also to the community, by engaging with neighboring areas and aiding them in their development.”[/b]

The group of Land Surveying students also had the opportunity to interact directly with members of the community and learn about the immense value this area has for them.

Professor Marisol Rodríguez Rivera, head of the Department of Geomatic Sciences of the PUPR, stated that “this assignment has been of immense worth to our students, not only because they have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with a real project and put what they’ve learned to work for the benefit of the Cantera Peninsula, but also because it raises awareness among them and helps them understand that helping out our communities is an inherent part of their development as professionals.”