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ECECS – Young Stars to Watch 2013

PUPR’s ECECS Department Recognizes Young Stars to Watch 2013


On February 13, parents, family members and supporters joined 37 of the most prominent students on campus to recognize their efforts. The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science celebrated a gathering to honor students with a GPA of 3.65 or above and at least 72 credits accumulated toward the completion of their program.

One of the highlights of the evening was Engineer Alejandro Pérez, a PUPR alumnus and current PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was invited by Dean of Engineering, Carlos González, for a surprise intervention. Through a conference call, Alejandro talked about his experience and conveyed the message to students that they are as capable as any to accomplish their goals.

Dr. Othoniel Rodríguez, Chair of the ECECS Department, pointed out the department’s accomplishments in its over twenty years of existence. Dr. Rodríguez also informed students and guests about the graduate programs at PUPR which are of interest to computer and electrical engineers and computer scientists in general.

The Young Stars to Watch 2013 were:

Alvarez Padilla, Marcos COE
Atiles Gil de Lamadrid, Ileana M. COE
Cardona Echevarría, Luis F COE
Casillas Rivas, Armando COE
Cepeda Díaz, Miguel A. COE
Delgado Camacho, Faustino COE
González Berríos, Hernán COE
Jové De La Torre, Alejandro M. COE
López Roig, Reynaldo COE
Lugo Belardo, Lyan M. COE
Martínez González, Jorge E. COE
Miralles Sánchez, Damián COE
Molina Hodai, Michael A. COE
Muñoz Martínez, Pedro M. COE
Orlando Rivera, Giovanni COE
Pabón Cruz, Jorge L. COE
Rivera Castro, Emanuel COE
Rodríguez Chinea, Nergielys COE
Santana Díaz, Christian COE

Torres Pillot, Gerónimo COE
Vaillant Correa, Luis A. COE
Rodríguez Veve, Eladio CS
Collado Cherena, Adner D. EE
Collazo Rivera, Luis R. EE
Cruz Molina, Carola EE
Cruz Ostolaza, Yarel A. EE
Gregorio, Gabriel EE
Nazario Nazario, Jose R. EE
Parrilla Navarro, Carla M. EE
Ramírez Alameda, Angel Y. EE
Ramírez Soto, Roberto EE
Reyes Alicea, Héctor L. EE
Reyes Ortíz, Luis S. EE
Rolón Luna, Luis M. EE
Rosado Rodríguez, Orlando EE
Samalot Gómez, Carlos R. EE
Sandoval Casas, Jennifer A. EE