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Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Major in Management and Entrepreneurship

The term management suggests the process through which business administration professionals provide structure in an organized manner aligned with strategic goals, and optimize human resources in offering their goods or services.

The term entrepreneurship emphasizes on the development of new businesses through plans and strategies designed to reach the economic and social goals of an organization and foster economic progress.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration, appointed to the School of Management and Entrepreneurship, provides an academic program with activities for the practical application of the acquired knowledge, which sets us apart from other universities. It was the first program to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), an internationally recognized agency dedicated to evaluating business administration programs.


This concentration focuses on developing programs where the student is trained to establish and maintain an information system that will identify, document and communicate, in an efficient and timely manner, all events that affect a financial situation.


This concentration offers the primary tools to help develop the skills to manage a business. These activities include processing permits to operate a business, managing human resources, and efficiently overseeing finances. One of the essential advantages offered by this concentration is that alumni will be able to be their own supervisor.

Construction Management

This program offers the essential tools that will allow students to sensibly and efficiently distribute business assets, such as human resources, materials, machinery, and the necessary financial resources for the efficient implementation of a project.

General Management

This program trains students in the development of strategies, procedures, tasks and activities to lead an organization.


This program provides the necessary tools to effectively introduce a product to the market through sales, public relations, publicity and promotions.

Our program is designed to be completed in 4 years: 31 credits per year (taking courses within our system of 3 main 12-week trimesters). However, the student may complete the program in only 3 years (by taking an average of 41 credits per year).

Courses and Credits

Business Administration 47
Concentration Courses 33
General Education Courses 36
Elective Courses 6

Total Credits

To complete this program, you must approve a total of 122 credits

Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Program

This program allows to combine your courses with studies in the Graduate School, thus advancing your Master’s Degree in Business Administration while you’re still coursing your Bachelor’s degree.


The department consists of certified professors who have a command of the theoretical aspects of their subjects to provide the most up-to-date knowledge in the business field. They have also had years of experience, which they share with their students in the classroom.

Laboratories and Equipment

PUPR is in the final development phase for business incubators, which will allow to put the acquired knowledge to practice, eventually helping students to become their own supervisors. This project will be housed at the Polytechnic Innovation Center, providing a platform for business development, growing ideas and registering patents. This will be made possible with the support of the faculty and specialized personnel throughout the different phases of business development and implementation.