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Improving Cybersecurity in Government and Private Industry

March 11, 05:30pm - 09:00pm
Improving Cybersecurity

During this meeting we will have a Panel Discussion on Improving Cybersecurity in Government and Private Industry. Our discussion will be divided into three (3) sections:

1. Cyber Security Policies and Procedures
2. Cyber Security Employee Training
3. Cyber Security Incident Response Procedures.

The moderator will present questions in each area directed at the panelists. There will be a free-flowing discussion among the panelists of the issues raised by the questions.

The final section will be a Q&A where the attendees can direct their questions and comments to the panelists.

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Theme: Improving Cybersecurity in Government and Private Industry


Moderator: John R. Robles, CISA, CISM, CRISC
President, Puerto Rico Cybersecurity User Group (PRCSUG)

Panel Members:

1. Bradley Rex, Supervisor SA, FBI San Juan Office
2. Alejandro Mercado, Esq., IT Privacy and Cybersecurity Counsel, Triple S Corp.
3. Dra. Zayira Jordan, Professor, Computer Science, Polytechnic University
4. Andrés Dávila, NSA DoD Scholar, Senior BS CpE, Polytechnic University

Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Place: Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico – Salon Milla de Oro, 3er Piso, Biblioteca

Cost: Free. Free Parking. Free Refreshments will be served.

Registration: Register HERE.

As you already know from the news media, the Puerto Rico Retirement System suffered a cyber attack that eventually resulted in the illegal transfers of millions of dollars from various government agencies to a rogue account outside of Puerto Rico.

How could this have happened?    How long did the perpetrators or hackers work on designing and implementing this extraordinary fraud scheme?   Who participated in this gigantic fraud?   Well, if you come to our monthly meeting, you will hear from persons who can provide some of the answers.

Apparently, there was a breakdown in the cyber security and internal controls of the Retirement System that allowed for technical cyber security access violations.   At the agencies that sent the millions of dollars there were insufficient internal controls to verify and validate the electronic transfers.

About the only thing that worked according to plan, was the notification of the FBI to assist in the investigations.

The Puerto Rico Cybersecurity User Group, along with the Polytechnic University, will be sponsoring a Panel Discussion where the panel will discuss and provide some insight into analyzing and preventing such cyber security attacks.

The Panel Discussion will be on March 11, 2020 at the Library Building. Come and join the discussion of this very serious situation. Puerto Rico cannot afford to loss millions of dollars because of poor cyber security.

Register online.