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  La Poli llega a la Industria
Coop Internship Program

History & Objective:

The PUPR Cooperative Education Program was created in November of 1989.  It has the purpose of acting as a bond between Government Agencies and Private Industries, and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico alumni.  This bond provides a professional work experience, insides the study field of each person.  On another side, the program allows the students to receive economic revenues and the advantage of validate the experience, as an elective course with value of three credits.  The COOP Program is directed to students in their third, fourth and fifth year of study that accomplished the minimal requirements for the project.


  • Elective Course COOP 3010, section 39
  • Professional Practice Course offered by some departments.  (Refer to COOP, for more information.)
  • Orientation
  • How to write a resume
  • How to conduct a job interview
  • How to dress for an interview
  • Salary Scales
  • Job Fair
  • Internships
  • Placement opportunities and Interview Schedules for PUPR students and ex alumni.

Advantages of the Program

  • Helps in the definition of professional objectives and make decisions about professional future.
  • Provides the opportunity to prove the knowledge acquired at the classroom, in the professional real world.
  • Offers valuable experiences that make the student more competitive in the job market. 
  • Helps develop skills related to the professional world.
  • Provides a salary that helps the participants cover their personal expenses.
Employer’s Responsibilities
  • Develops a work experience program that complements and enriches the academic curriculum.
  • Places the student in available positions inside the company, to collaborate as a certain valuable resource.
  • Evaluates the student’s performance.

Basic Requirements

The program is an academic one, so it requires that the student fulfills the following:

  • Be a regular student of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.  Maintain an academic GPA of 2.50 or more.  (The standard GPA established for certain positions are determinate by the employer.)
  • Take a third, fourth or fifth year of study after having a minimum of 90 credit hours passed.

Genuine interest, enthusiasm and responsibility in the learning of new things, and the development of technical abilities and organizational behavior.

Additional Requirements

  • Keep your resume updated.
  • Enroll the course COOP 3010-section 39, when selected for an employment.  (COOP 3010 can be the equivalent to the professional practice in a specific area.)
  • Be a USA citizen or a foreign resident with Visa in effect.
Participate of the professional practice in a company of Puerto Rico or the United States, for a minimum period of three months.


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