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Discount Structure for Continued Education Courses

Project Management Enrollment

LSS Academy Enrollment

Construction & Sustainability Enrollment

Occupational Safety Enrollment

Emergency Management Enrollment


• All course offerings are subject to a minimum participants enrollment (quorum). Once this quorum isreached you will receive an Official Course Enrollment Confirmation from the CPET Personnel.

• Submission of a Course Registration Form represents a legal participant commitment with the PolytechnicUniversity of Puerto to attend and pay for enrollment of said course, if course quorum is reached.

— Project Management Program: LINK
— Lean Six Sigma Academy:  LINK
— Construction & Sustainability: LINK
— Emergency Management Program:  LINK
— Occupational Safety & Security: LINK

• Cancellations must be submitted by the participant via email or fax on or before ten (10) labor days of the course beginning date. 35% of the course will be charged to the credit card if the cancelation date is not made within the previously described period.

• Certificate of Participation may be issued to participants who have a minimum attendance of 80% of the programmed course contact hours.

• Instructions and alternatives for course registration payment will be sent with the Official Course Enrollment Confirmation.


• If for reasons beyond the participant’s control, course enrollment cancelation cannot be completed within the published course schedule, the participant will be offered the opportunity to register on the next course section scheduled and confirmed of the same topic.

• Money refunds will be requested by the client via email to CEPA@pupr.edu, explaining in detail the situation and why participant cannot accept the alternative mentioned above. The email must be sent before 50% ofthe course contact hours have elapsed.

• All money refunds will be made by check. A $50 service charge will apply to all money refund transactions.

Any questions concerning this Customer Resolution Process please contact:
CPET Coordinator Polytechnic University of PR (787)622-8000 ext. 470
e-mail: jserrano@pupr.edu


Joaquín Serrano
CEPA Coordinator
787-622-8000 Ext. 470

Carla Ortiz Suárez
CEPA Coordinator
787-622-8000 Ext. 429
Thank you for registration.
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