About Us

The Center for Professional Education and Training (CPET) is the Polytechnic University’s liaison with the industry and professionals in Puerto Rico. The purpose of the CPET is to provide a continuous learning experience to effectively adapt our professional’s technical skills and knowledge to the new technological and socioeconomic challenges.
To comply with our objective, in addition to our competitive biannual short courses program, we offer a variety of customized educational activities for corporate clients. Seminars, technical workshops and courses are tailored to your organization’s needs. Considering the Polytechnic University’s institutional expertise in engineering, architecture and business administration, our competitive course catalog covers different topics in project management, facilities maintenance and construction, human capital planning, energy management, quality and compliance and technology, useful for all industries.


Joaquín Serrano
CEPA Coordinator
787-622-8000 Ext. 470
Carla Ortiz Suárez
CEPA Coordinator
787-622-8000 Ext. 429