This year’s NILA was held on Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on August 2-6, 2006. Although only two members of our chapter could attend this conference, NILA provided a lot of help towards the development of our chapter. Even though it was an intense agenda, and we did not get enough sleep, it was really worth it.  
NILA - 2006
Daliana, Lester, Caro & Myrna
Caro’s Team Group
Caro’s group finals
Myrna’s group finals
Myrna’s Team Group
Myrna, Caro & Lester
Luis Conde & Caro
Caro & Myrna
NILA 2006
Daliana, Caro, Luis, Myrna & Lester
Ileana, Daliana, Caro, Luis, Myrna & Lestar
Ileana, Caro, Luis and Myrna
Lester, Ileana, Daliana & Luis