SHPE Mission:
To be the source for quality hispanic Professional Engineers and Technical Talent
The SHPE PUPR Chapter strives to offer its members growth and development opportunities.
SHPE is a student organization who promotes:
♣    Academic development
♣    Professional development
♣    Community outreach
♣    Networking
We are committed to the greater development of the chapter and we encourage you all to participate.
Any more questions? Contact Us!
♣    Email address:
SHPE Region: 4
College: Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Advisor: José O. Rivera, P.E.
Membership: 135
The SHPE PUPR Beaver:
Did you know that the Beaver is a natural born engineer? The Beaver builds dams with his tail in order to survive and control the water flow. This why as the PUPR mascot, we have adopted and personalized it as a symbol of our chapter, the union between SHPE and PUPR.  
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