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Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico has several financial aid programs available, which are funded institutionally and by the federal and state governments.


Our mission is to provide students and their families with assistance to obtain the necessary funds to help them achieve their academic goals. With this in mind, the Financial Aid Office’s efforts are geared towards:

- Offering financial aid information to students and their families.

- Assisting students and their families to comply with the required documents.

- Determining eligibility for federal, state and institutional financial aid, and to put out notifications for offers of financial aid.

- Facilitating procedures to allocate financial aid in a timely manner.

Available Financial Aid Requirements to Receive Financial Aid

Financial Aid News

Changes in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program

As a result of the ratification of the Budget Control Act of 2011, the Direct Loan Program will make the following changes as of July 1st, 2012:

Professional or graduate students will not be eligible to receive subsidized loans from the Direct Loan Program.

Incentives for timely repayments (reduction of the interest rate or originating fee) will be terminated.

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A student loan is an interest loan granted to a student to help him/her pay for college studies. The student must repay the loan after completing or terminating his/her studies. These loans are guaranteed by the Federal Department of Education of the U.S..

Student Loan Programs

Subsidized Stafford Loans: This is a loan in which interest is paid by the Federal Government as long as the student remains enrolled for at least half-time (6 undergraduate credits or 3 graduate credits). The eligible amount is determined by taking into account the contribution by the student’s family and their financial needs.

Unsubsidized Stafford Loan: This is a loan in which interest is paid by the student from the moment the loan is disbursed. The eligible amount is determined by taking into account the student’s financial aids. The family’s contribution is not taken in consideration to determine the student’s eligibility.

Federal PLUS Loans for Parents: These are loans for parents of dependent students who are coursing undergraduate studies. The parent’s eligibility for this loan is determined based on his/her credit history. Repayments for this loan begin 60 days after the last disbursement. The amount requested may not exceed the student’s need.

Manuals and Links

Federal Work Study Program (FWSP)

The Federal Work Study Program is a self-help program that allows students to earn money by working part-time during their time off from studying. Students may work in the Polytechnic University facilities or within the community.

This program is funded by the federal government. These funds are available for students who, whether they have already obtained an undergraduate degree or not, prove to have financial insufficiency and comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

During the selection of eligible students, priority is given to those who prove to have a greater financial insufficiency and who demonstrate interest for the FWSP in their Pell Grant application.

Priority will also be given to students who are pursuing their first Bachelor’s degree.

Selected students are placed for work in one of the multiple student services departments in the institution. Maximum work hours in a week depend on the funds assigned to this program. Hourly wages may not be less that the federal minimum, and wages earned will be paid out on a monthly basis. Some students may be assigned to community work outside the university facilities.

Apply to the Federal Work and Study Program


Instututional Work and Study Program

The institutional work and study program provides regular students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program with the opportunity to work at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. The university recognizes, fosters and promotes the significant educational value in acquiring professional experience, which is part of our academic program to complement and reinforce our academic goals.

All regular students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in PUPR will be eligible to participate in the Work and Study Program. Students may be recommended by the Director of the department where the student would be hired. The Director should take into account the following criteria to recommend a student:

- Nature of the job

- Student’s sense of responsibility and punctuality

- Student’s availability to work

- Student’s capacity for implementation

- Term of employment

- The hourly rate is the federal minimum, and wages will be paid once a month

- The student will be evaluated by his/her supervisor It is the responsibility of the student to sign the Daily Attendance Log, which should be used by the supervisor to corroborate the hours worked for Payroll. Wages earned will be paid once a month.

Verification Process

Verification Policies and Procedures

In Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, the following Institutional Student Information Reports (ISIR) will be subject to the verification process: those singled out by the Department of Education (by the EFC), and those where there is an apparent discrepancy between the information submitted in the application and the documents used for the verification (according to the Code of Federal Regulations, 34 CFR Part 668.16 (F)). The Verification Process will be applied in all Financial Aid Programs.

Only applications with all the required documents will be processed. These applications will be processed via the Federal Government Electronic Pell System (EDExpress).

If a student is selected for the verification process, he/she must submit the income evidence and the Verification Worksheet used to file for the Pell Grant. The student will be asked to submit evidence on verifiable items.

Verifiable Items

1. Family unit (will be verified against the Verification Worksheet).

2. Individuals enrolled in a college institution (will be verified against the Verification Worksheet).

3. Adjusted gross income, or income as per filed income tax documents.

4. Determined contribution.

5. Number of exemptions.

6. Non-taxable income and benefits:
— Social Security benefits (SA 1099 form)
— Maintenance (will be verified against divorce sentence, court certification and/or maintenance itemization).
— Food vouchers (evidence from the Department of Family Affairs is required)
— Veteran benefits
— Unemployment (evidence from the Department of Labor is required)
— Non-taxable maintenance
— Family contribution
— Payments to IRA account
— Exclusion of foreign revenue
— Other non-taxable income

In addition to verifying all these items, the Financial Aid Office reserves the right to request any additional documentation to resolve information conflicts.

In processing applications for financial aid, if the institution finds any file selected for verification lacking the necessary documents to complete this process, or missing any additional documents, the student will be notified in writing or via phone and/or e-mail. No Pell Grant or Bank Loan disbursements will be made, nor will a student be employed under the Federal or Institutional Work and Study Programs, until all documentation is complete and accurate.

Student's responsibilities in the verification process

- All students must provide the required information and documents in order to be eligible to receive funds from the Financial Aid Programs.

- If the dependent status of an applicant (dependent or independent) for the Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), or the Federal College Work Study (FCWS) changes during the academic year, or if the application for financial aid is incorrect in this aspect, the applicant will have to amend his/her application to reflect this change. The exception to this rule is when the status changes because the student gets married.

- The student must certify or update the number of people who will course college studies during the academic year in question. This must be done when submitting the Student Aid Report (SAR).

The student is responsible for any overpayment received.


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Yexevely Colón yecolon@pupr.edu Officer 787-622-8000 Ext. 250
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