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Tuition And Fees Schedule For Undergraduate Programs

Tuition and Fees

The following schedule of tuition and fees applies to all undergraduate students of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Academic Year consists of three consecutive academic periods called terms from August to July.

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico reserves the right to revise policies, tuition fees and other costs.


Every student must pay the total cost of tuition and fees during the registration process. They are responsible for the total cost of tuition, even if they do not attend classes, their scholarship and/or sponsorship is cancelled, or if a withdrawal is requested.

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The University grants the privilege to defer 50% of the total cost to students who choose not to pay in full. Deferred payments are due thirty (30) days after the beginning of the term and involve an additional cost.

The validation process of registration is not completed until the student has paid the total cost of tuition or signs a defer payment agreement.

The student is responsible for verifying and keeping track of enrollment, add/drops and defer payments dates, and taking the necessary steps to comply with them.

Students who have requested financial aid or Veteran benefits must consult either the Financial Aid Office or the Institution’s Veterans Representative located in the Registrar’s Office prior to the completion of the registration process.

Students receiving sponsor’s benefits should contact the Bursar’s Office and submit relevant evidence to determine the corresponding registration cost according to the benefits received.

Payments of fees can be made in cash, money order, manager’s checks, certified or personal checks; checks should be made payable to: Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico or PUPR (return checks will incur in additional charges and the student lose the privilege of using this payment method). In addition, Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards, and debit cards are accepted. Students can also make payments on outstanding balances through Telepago Popular of Banco Popular. Through Polytechnic University’s portal: mypoly.pupr.edu (online service) students can make payments through Banco Popular’s ATH, Visa, MasterCard and personal checks for previous balance and new term.

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico does not issue credit and/or debit card refunds. If the student pays with a credit/debit card and for some reason a reimbursement is required, the Institution will issue a check under the student’s name.

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico reserves the right to revise policies, tuition fees and other costs.

Refund Policies

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for complying with the refund policy established by the Institution. The student must request a withdrawal in writing, and in accordance with the Academic Calendar, for the refund to be applied.

Institutional Refund Policy

For any withdrawal (partial or total) requested by a student:

Percentage of Refund
During Regular Registration process 100%
During first week of classes in each term 100%
During second week of classes in each term 33% Tuition and Laboratory Fees
During the third week of classes through the withdraw deadline of each term> 0.00%

*Registration fee is non-refundable.

**Registration, Library, Athletic Fee, Technology Fee and Activities Fees are non refundable.

Financial Delinquency

If a student does not meet its financial obligations within the stipulated dates, the Collection Policy of Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico states that:

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1. Tuition and fees due from previous terms of study must be paid in full, prior to the student registering for the current trimester.

2. After the defer date (30 days after the beginning of the term), any outstanding balance will be subject to 1.5% monthly interest.

3. After 180 days, outstanding balances will be subject to an additional collection fee if the University refers these to legal divisions or collection agencies.

3. If PUPR is obliged to take legal action for the collection of this debt, the student will be responsible for costs, disbursements and other fees incurred in the collection, as determined by the corresponding Court.

4. Debtors will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance, San Juan Municipal Division.

5. Debtor students may be excluded from graduation ceremonies. The University may also withhold grades, issuance of transcripts, degrees, diplomas, and certificates of good standing to any student whose account is in arrears.

Inactive students may be granted a Payment Plan to pay-off their outstanding balances. This agreement with Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico is held in association with United Credit Bureau. If students fail to comply with the payment plan, they may be referred to legal divisions or collection agencies. Students referred to a legal division or collection agency will be charged additional fees.

** Sponsored Students are also governed by the policies mentioned above, even if the outstanding balance belongs to the Sponsor.

Financial Aid

The University participates in the following student financial aid programs:

- Federal Pell Grant.

- Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).

- Federal Work Study Program (FWSP).

- Institutional Work Study Program (IWSP).

- Federal Family Education Loan Program (Stafford Loan).

- State Grants and Scholarships.

- Institutional Scholarships.

Visit our Financial Aid website

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to receive aid, a student must meet the following requirements: Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program. Be a U.S. citizen or eligible alien. Make satisfactory academic progress. Have a high school diploma, or its equivalent. Sign a statement of Educational Purpose / Certification Statement on refunds and default.

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