The University is approved by the Florida State Approving Agency to offer veterans training.

Upon enrollment, the student should notify the Business and Records Office of VA eligibility so that necessary enrollment certification forms can be sent to the VA. The university offers only administrative “record keeping” assistance to veterans and is not responsible for determining eligibility for VA benefits.

There are many Veterans Administration rules and regulations which students should be aware of that pertain to courses offered off campus, such as independent study courses taken by audit (no benefits) and “I” grades. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire concerning all VA rules and regulations and to report any changes in status that affect these benefits. Additionally, VA benefits will be terminated for students who are dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons and can only be reinstated after counseling and approval by the VA.

To get started, the student should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and (National number 1-888-442-4551 or local, PO Box 1437, St. Petersburg, FL 33731) directly request a list of all the forms and steps needed to complete the process.