Student Information and Services

The Student Services Department offers students the opportunity to seek assistance in various aspects of the university, such as course registration, advisement, career information, and guidance in the personal, vocational, and educational aspects that may hinder the students from attaining a college education.

Student Services

The Student Services Department offers students the opportunity to seek assistance in various aspects of the university, such as course registration, advisement, career information, and guidance in the personal, vocational, and educational aspects that may hinder the students from attaining a college education. It aims at assisting the student individually in making appropriate educational, vocational and personal choices. Among other new activities undertaken by the Student Services Department is providing or taking the lead in the following endeavors:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Registration of new students
  • Faculty training in:
    • Mentoring
    • Use of the MIS in Academic Advisement
    • Disabilities Act
    • Specific Learning Problems
    • Emotional Issues in the Learning

      Teaching Process

    • Training students and faculty in the

      recognition, prevention and intervention in issues related to drug, alcohol, violence, harassment, ADA and contemporary social, cultural, professional and environment affairs.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is primarily concerned with custody of the student’s academic record. Given the office’s mission of providing registration services, there are a number of related services that must be attended to that assure the integrity of the academic records and recording systems. The related services that are performed by this office are: Registration, Readmission, Withdrawal, Mid-term and Final grades, Certification, Transcripts, Academic Calendar, Graduation Application, and others.

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Student Council and Student Organizations and Activities

The Student Council is the representative organization of the students. It aims to express student opinions and promote communication and cooperation among students, faculty, and administrative personnel. Representatives of the

Student Council are voting members in various University Wide Standing Committees such as the Academic Council, Student Resource And Information Center, Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Discipline Committee and others.

Guidance and Career Education

The Academic Office offers students curriculum assistance, career information, and guidance in the personal, vocational, and academic aspects that may impede the student’s attaining a college education. Counselors assist students individually in making appropriate educational, vocational, and personal choices. The office coordinates assisted institutional services for special needs students.

Course selection is critical to student success; therefore, students should make an appointment with either their program director or registrar to confirm proper course selection prior to registration.

Previously taken courses and the grades earned will be reviewed and analyzed for proper course placement at Polytechnic University Orlando Campus.

Career education awareness is presented at workshops, seminars, colloquiums and receptions with notables. Student publications may also feature stories on career opportunities.

Internship and Mentor Programs

Students may be able to participate in local and national work related experiences pertinent to their course of study. Career awareness and placement activities are incorporated in student life as a pre- step to applying for a summer internship. Internships are optional, but preferred experience for students. There is no guarantee of placement shall be made or implied.

Students are eligible for mentor assistance as another form of a personal career guidance opportunity. Community leaders and business professionals collaborate with students on a one-on- one basis as needed, or present vital information at open forums on campus.

Identification Cards

An identification card (Campus Card) is issued to students during the registration period. The identification card is needed for students to obtain access to Polytechnic University Orlando Campus’s facilities and services.

Activities and Organizations

There are opportunities for students to reinforce their curricular experience by participating in curricular related activities such as colloquium, workshops, seminars and one-on-one meetings with notable community leaders.

Campus organizations focus on the adult learner who may be employed and offers a mature level of activity. Events are designed to foster greater career opportunities as well as recognize students for their academic achievement.

Student Resources and Information Center Facilities

The Orlando Campus Student Resources Information Center (SRIC) is well-equipped for student use. The administrative and technical procedures are operated by the Main Library in San Juan. The SRIC maintains computer-based, basic collections that are strengthened and supported by the Main Library in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which consists of over 65,000 volumes classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System. The Main Library is specialized in land surveying, engineering, architecture and business administration. At the present time, the main library subscribes to over 2,000 periodicals and publications, both general and technical. The SRIC is fully automated in services and administrative procedures. As part of its services, the SRIC offer access to a Local Area CD Room Network, Internet, and other data base services. Also interlibrary loans thru main library campus are used for resources not owned by SRIC. To help students develop information skills and become independent users/researchers, the SRIC have a literacy skills program, as well as audiovisual equipment.

Academic and Professional Behavioral Code of Conduct


The purpose of this section is to clarify as much as possible what the student and the University should expect of each other in the area of rights, responsibilities, and conduct.

All students enrolled at Polytechnic University Orlando Campus assume an obligation to conduct themselves at all times as responsible

members of the campus community and respect the personal and property rights of others and the educational mission of the University. Because those who earn a degree ultimately determine the University’s reputation, the University will insist upon its students demonstrating personal and professional integrity in addition to academic excellence. The University’s Board of Trustees has delegated full authority to the University administration to prepare and administer policies and procedures for the welfare and discipline of its students.