Provide opportunities for leadership, productivity and competitiveness in a global marketplace for individuals from diverse backgrounds while enhancing their intellectual curiosity, humanistic values, and technological competencies that stimulates greater social responsibility and improves the quality of life.


To be recognized as a leading higher education institution that meets high academic standards with international competitiveness and provides students opportunities for educational, professional and personal growth through collaboration and application.


  • Access higher education
  • Ethical Commitment
  • Critical Thinking and Scientific Approach
  • Technology
  • Socio-economic Development
  • Partnerships: Industry, Government, Businesses, Professional Associations and Organizations


- Management

  • Develop individuals who will effectively function as business administrators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their communities.
  • Develop graduates with sound business principles and practices strengthen by demonstrated core values.
  • Develop graduates who contribute to the advancement of business administration and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop graduates who can apply the latest technologies linked with the passion for continuing professional growth.

- Engineering and Sciences

  • Develop individuals with technological competences and knowledge who will design, implement, and integrate complex systems.
  • Develop graduates with both strong social conscience and ethical values who understand the impact of technology on society.
  • Develop graduates who support the advancement of Information Technology.
  • Develop graduates who will interact with and contribute to the fields of business, science and government while demonstrating the commitment to scientific principles.