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Polytechnic University Orlando Campus and Polytechnic University Miami Campus are campuses of Polytechnic University, which is fully accredited and internationally recognized in the fields of engineering, architecture, computer sciences and business management and administration. The demand for increased higher education services to targeted Orlando and Miami audiences, as well as responding to the State of Florida’s increased need for Baccalaureate degrees, prompted university officials to study, analyze and plan for new curriculum and degree programs. Curriculum is designed with a meaningful career choice in mind, and graduates will be able to identify available career opportunities.

President’s Message



Polytechnic University offers a wide range of undergraduate and masters degree programs as well as a variety of career development programs. Polytechnic University Orlando Campus is an additional location of the fully accredited Polytechnic University, founded in 1966. The university is internationally recognized and accredited in the fields of engineering, architecture, computer sciences and business management and administration with nearly 5,000 students at its San Juan campus.

Polytechnic University Orlando Campus aims to be affordable, provide accountability and personalization to its students while delivering a high quality academic program. The fast track master schedule provides the opportunity for individuals to enhance their potential for leadership, productivity and competitiveness. Our programs emphasize a sense of practical application and interactive social responsibility toward the community.

Conveniently accessible via major expressways, Polytechnic University Orlando Campus features evening, and online courses to accommodate students with full time jobs, careers and families. Career experiences can often be applied to academic studies.

Contact the student admission recruiter to get full details on academic programs, placement opportunities, and financial aid. Contact us at 407-677-7000 or by sending an email via this web site.

I look forward to meeting the Orlando students and to continuing our efforts with community leaders to provide residents another choice in education.


Ernesto Vázquez-Barquet


Polytechnic University is a private, nonprofit, coeducational nonsectarian institution founded in 1966.  Until 1974, it offered specialized courses in Land Surveying and Mapping.  In 1974, Polytechnic University became a degree granting institution with Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying and Mapping (BSLS) and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) followed by Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (1980), Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1984), Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1987), and Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Industrial Management (1990).  In 1992, the institution started offering a graduate program, a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.  In 1995, a Bachelor in Architecture program was initiated.  Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering were initiated in 1997.  Also in 1998 the Master in Business Administration, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Science and Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, Master in Environmental Management, Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, and Master of Science and Master in Manufacturing Competitiveness.

Polytechnic University Orlando Campus and Miami Campus are campuses of Polytechnic University, which is fully accredited and internationally recognized in the fields of engineering, architecture, computer sciences and business management and administration.  Polytechnic University is the nation’s second largest institution of higher education graduating Hispanic engineers.  Currently, there are over 5,000 students at the San Juan campus.

The demand for increased higher education services to targeted Orlando and Miami audiences as well as responding to the State of Florida’s big need for increased Baccalaureate degrees prompted university officials to study, analyze and plan for new curriculum and degree programs.  Curriculum is designed with a meaningful career choice in mind, and graduates will be able to identify available career opportunities.


Provide opportunities to individuals from diverse backgrounds and in different locations, to cultivate their potential for leadership, productivity, competiveness and critical thinking, through exposure to intellectual, scientific humanistic and technological advancement, with the purpose of contributing to regional and global sustainability.


To be recognized as a leading higher Hispanic serving institution in multiple field of study, meeting societal and industrial standards in general, in association with public and private enterprise; characterized by an emphatic relationship between faculty and students, and with a culture of client-oriented quality service, empowerment and teamwork.  Polytechnic University reflects the meeting of the two pervasive cultures of the Americas, thus it is well positioned to serve as a catalyzer of a symbiotic relationship between the united Sated and Latin American nations.

Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Professionalism and Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Diversity
  • Creativity and Innovation


  • To provide access of higher education for degree and non-degree Floridian population to improve their academic and competitive formation as an enhancement of our community.
  • To develop a social contribution by forming an ethical committed professional involved in the economic development of the state.
  • To develop the professional characteristics of an individual to be able to apply critical thinking and scientific approach to complex problems.
  • To provide the latest technology in the application of engineering and management problem solutions.
  • To support the socio-economic development of the state by generating highly qualified professionals dedicated to improve their social responsibility.
  • To provide the adequate partnerships (Industry, Government, Businesses, and Professional Associations, High Education Institutions) for the students practical experience development and support the strength of the professional tools for their future.
  • To provide the global market skills to develop an international professional with a broader span of knowledge.


Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104-2680.
Phone:  (267) 284–5000
E-mail: info@msche.org,
Spanish: españolinfo@msche.org

Many of the University’s courses and programs provide knowledge that may support a student’s efforts toward various licensures or certifications.  However, these courses and curricula are not necessarily designed to meet various requirements among individual states guidelines.  It is the responsibility of each student to check with regional authorities to confirm requirements in preparation for licensures and certifications.

The school is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education.  Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400.  (850) 245-3200.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Polytechnic University Orlando Campus does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, disability, sex, or national origin in the administration of its educational and admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, or other university administered programs.

Staff Directory

Name & Title: Number: E-Mail:
Elba R. Torres, Administrative Affairs Coordinator (407)-677-7000
Ext. 801
Olga López, Academic Administrative Assistant (407)-677-7000
Ext. 802
Wilfred Fonseca, Academic Director (407)-677-7000
Ext. 803
Luis Javier Delgado, Campus Director (407) 677-7000
Ext. 804
Gianira M. Molinary, Registrar Officer (407)-677-7000
Ext. 805
Ileana Díaz, Financial Aid Officer (407)-677-7000
Ext. 806
Marving A. Jiménez, Finance Officer (407)-677-7000
Ext. 807
Stephanie M. Olmo, Promotions & Admissions Agent 407)-677-7000
Ext. 808
Natalia K. Montalvo, Promotions & Admissions Agent (407)-677-7000
Ext. 809
Joel R. Jiménez, Promotions & Admissions Manager (407) 677-7000
Ext. 810
Judith Negrón, Student Learning Center Officer (407)-677-7000
Ext. 811
Auristela Mueses, Professor – Engineering School (407) 677-7000
Ext. 812
Eduardo J. Veras, Associate Professor – Engineering School (407)-677-7000
Ext. 813
Omaira Collazos, Associate Professor – Engineering School (407)-677-7000
Ext. 802
Felix Nevárez, Associate Professor – Engineering School (407)-677-7000
Ext. 802
Angel M. Rivera, Maintenance & Repair Specialist (407)-677-7000
Ext. 801
Carmen Sánchez, Housekeeper (407) 677-7000 ertorres@pupr.edu
Title V
Ivan Padrón, Project Director (407)-677-7000
Ext. 818
Lourdes Rosario, Administrative Assistant (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Edwin Disla, Eng. Program Development / Activity Director (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Néstor Canales, Academic Support Specialist (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Miguel A. Resto, Electrical Engineering Lab Coordinator (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Aneysha Serrano, Civil Engineering Lab Coordinator (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Daniel J. Fuentes, Mechanical Engineering Lab Coordinator (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Luis M. Richiez, Technology Specialist (407)-677-7000
Ext. 816
Ralph Soto, Tutor (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815
Luis Ríos, Tutor (407)-677-7000
Ext. 815

Faculty Directory

Professor’s Name Professor’s Last Name PUPR E-mail
Yaraida Berrios yberrios@pupr.edu
Patricio Camilo pcamilo@pupr.edu
Nestor Canales ncanales@pupr.edu
Luz Andrea Carvajal lcarvajal@pupr.edu
esAndres Cecchini Brigi acecchini@pupr.edu
Omaira Collazos ocollazos@pupr.edu
Ensor D. Colon Musseb edcolon@pupr.edu
Ileana Diaz idiaz@pupr.edu
Sergio Diaz sdiaz@pupr.edu
Edwin Disla edisla@pupr.edu
Vanessa Ewbank vewbank@pupr.edu
Wilfred Fonseca wfonseca@pupr.edu
Dalia Gil dgil@pupr.edu
Ulises Guigou uguigou@pupr.edu
Abdel Hassan ahassan@pupr.edu
Marving Jimenez mjimenez@pupr.edu
Zayira Jordan Conde zjordan@pupr.edu
Vincent Joseph vjoseph@pupr.edu
Jerome Juska jjuska@pupr.edu
Rafael Lopez Valdes rlopez@pupr.edu
Ivan Lorenzo ilorenzo@pupr.edu
Edmundo Lugo elugo@pupr.edu
Taina Matos tmatos@pupr.edu
Gianira Molinary gmolinary@pupr.edu
Roberto Molinary rmolinary@pupr.edu
Auristela Mueses amueses@pupr.edu
Ivan Padron ipadron@pupr.edu
Adriano Parisi aparisi@pupr.edu
Armando Quintero aquintero@pupr.edu
Luis Ramos laramos@pupr.edu
Miguel Resto mresto@pupr.edu
Luis Richiez lrichiez@pupr.edu
Gina Riestra Maxwell griestra@pupr.edu
Orlando Rios orios@pupr.edu
Jose Rodriguez josrodriguez@pupr.edu
Edna Rodriguez Colon edrodriguez@pupr.edu
Omayra Rosario orosario@pupr.edu
Hector Santiago hsantiago@pupr.edu
Raquel Santiago rsantiago@pupr.edu
Florencia Sepulveda fsepulveda@pupr.edu
Francisco Torrelles ftorrelles@pupr.edu
Julio A Torres jatorres@pupr.edu
Gerardo Traverso gtraverso@pupr.edu
Eduardo Veras everas@pupr.edu

Contact Information

Polytechnic University
Orlando Campus
550 Econlockhatchee Trail
Orlando, Florida 32825

Phone:  (407) 677-7000
Fax:  (407) 677-5082

Web:  www.pupr.edu/orlando


The Orlando Campus is located on a sixteen acre property in the Northeast area of Orlando, Florida.  The campus consists of a main building, which houses administrative offices, classrooms, computer labs, engineering lab, electrical engineering lab, science lab, Student Learning Center, student and faculty lounge, indoor basketball court and outdoor athletic field and recreational areas for students.


From downtown Orlando:

  • Take Highway 408 East
  •  Take  FL-408 E
  •  Take exit 17 toward S Chickasaw Trail
  •  Turn left onto S Chickasaw Trail
  •  Take the 1st right onto Frontage Rd
  •  Take the 1st right onto Valencia College Ln
  •  Turn right onto N Econlockhatchee Trail
  • Destination will be on the right


Map – Orlando Campus

Orlando Map