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  • Last Update: July, 2011

Contact Us - Committee Members

Among the several functions assigned to the Outcomes Assessment Institutional Committee, one is to serve as a communication channel embracing the Administration, the Faculty and the Student Body. You are invited to contact them and bring forth any question you may have about outcomes assessment at PUPR.

Gilberto A. Vélez Delgado;
Director. Outcomes Assessment Office and President of the Committee
E-mail: gvelez@pupr.edu
Prof. José Riollano
E-mail: jriollan@pupr.edu ; jriollan@gmail.com
Dr. Roberto Colón – Mathematics & Science E-mail: rcolon@pupr.edu
Ana G. Alicea;
E-mail: aalicea@pupr.edu
Dr. Omaira Collazos – Civil Engineering
E-mail: ocollazos@pupr.edu
Vacant - Environmental Engineering
Prof. José A. Martínez – Civil Engineering
E-mail: martinezbox@yahoo.com
Prof. María García – Industrial Engineering
E-mail: margarcia@pupr.edu
Vacant – Electrical Engineering
Prof. Blanca Tallaj – Electrical Engineering
E-mail: bltallaj@pupr.edu
Prof. Eduardo Cabrera – Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: ecabrerar@onelinkpr.net
Dra. Zuleica Lozada -
Chemical Engineering
E-mail: zlozada@pupr.edu
Prof. Luis Montes – Geomatic Sciences
E-mail: lmontes@pupr.edu
Prof. Edda Martínez – Business Administration
E-mail: emartinez@pupr.edu

Prof. Nadya Nenadich -

Prof. Digna Delgado – Library
E-mail: dgdelgado@pupr.edu
Dr. Edgar Torres -
Graduate School
E-mail: etorres@pupr.edu
Vacant - Student
Vacant - Student