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As part of our effort of Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and Sponsored Research Office continue to introduce high school students from our public and private schools in Puerto Rico in Engineering and Computer Science, held a workshop led by Dr. Luis M. Vicente, from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The workshop was offered as part of the project Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance (Award No. CNS-0940522) in which Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico participates together with 11 other universities in the Puerto Rico and Virgin Island.

This workshop was focused on using Open MPI to implement “C” code, and execute programs, on a multicore architecture for parallel computing, also known as High Performance Computing (HPC).

The goal of this workshop is to familiarize the students with HPC aspects enabling them to perform migration of programs from single user computers to real HPC Cluster Machines (Super Computers) in the future.

Participating schools were: Colegio Bautista de Puerto Nuevo, Colegio de Lourdes, Colegio Santa María del Camino and Colegio San José. The following show several photos of students participating in the workshop.


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