Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR) is a private, non-profit, coeducational nonsectarian institution founded in 1966.  Until 1974, it offered specialized courses in Land Surveying and Mapping.  In 1974, PUPR became a degree-granting institution with a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying and Mapping and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering followed by a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Industrial Management. 

In 1992, the institution began offering a graduate program, a Master's Degree in Engineering Management.  In 1995, a Bachelor in Architecture program was initiated and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering was initiated in 1997.  Also, in 1998, the Master in Business Administration, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Science and Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, Master of Environmental Management, Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, and Master of Science and Master in Manufacturing Competitiveness were initiated.

PUPR is fully accredited and internationally recognized in the fields of engineering, architecture, computer sciences and business management and administration.  At the present time, PUPR is the largest private Engineering School in Puerto Rico and the only one in the district of San Juan. It is also the largest private Hispanic Serving Engineering School in the United States and its territories. Currently, there are over 5,000 students at the San Juan campus.

The new millennia brought to Polytechnic University two new campuses out of the Island. In 2001, PUPR opened its doors to Florida, with the Miami Campus. The Miami Campus has over 200 students enrolled in the bachelors and masters program in Business Administration and Computer Science. Two years later, PUPR opened a second campus in the state, selecting the beautiful City of Orlando as their third home. The Orlando Campus also has over 200 students enrolled in the bachelors and masters program in Engineering & Business Administration. 

The demand for increased higher education services to targeted South and Central Florida audiences, as well as in response to the State of Florida's great need for increased Baccalaureate degrees prompted university officials to study, analyze and plan for new curriculum and degree programs.  Curriculum is designed with a meaningful career choice in mind, and graduates will be able to identify available career opportunities.