All students who have graduated from a recognized high school or equivalent (GED) prior to applying for admission to Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Miami Campus must:

  • Submit a completed application for admission with a thirty-dollar ($30) non-refundable application fee that does not apply toward registration charges.
  • Request an official transcript be sent from each institution of education previously attended. Transcript(s) should be sent directly from the institution(s) to Polytechnic's Registrar's Office. Student copies of transcripts will not be accepted. Transcripts must furnish a statement of good standing.
  • Request a current official transcript to meet term application deadline if enrolled in another institution at the time of application to Polytechnic. The transcript must include the final grades of the last quarter or semester of attendance.
  • Provide evidence of citizenship or legal resident status (birth certificate, permanent resident card, passport).
  • Provide a copy of a current driver's license or photo identification for placement in the files for official records upon acceptance to a degree program at the university.
Discipline Minimum H.S. GPA Index:
Engineering 2.50
Business/Management 2.00
Computer Science 2.00
Minimum Bachelor GPA Index:
Graduate Programs 2.50

Applicants who do not meet the stated high school grade point average can request in writing, special consideration by the Admissions Committee due to extenuating circumstances.

The University accepts transfer students who comply with their Convalidation Policy. Final determination is at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Miami Campus grants entrance to students with consideration to:

  • Past academic performance
  • Rapport and mature intervention
  • Recognition of ability and potential
  • Evidence of personal drive
  • Desire to learn and
  • Plan for obtaining a degree

The institution reserves the right to admit, on a temporary status or reject, any applicant who fails to meet any criteria.


A degree student is seeking a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in any one of the curriculum areas the university offers. A degree seeking student is classified as follows:

  • First year student (Freshman)—a student who has passed between 0 and 30 credit hours.
  • Second year student (Sophomore)—a student who has passed between 31 and 60 credit hours.
  • Third year student (Junior)—a student who has passed between 61 and 90 credit hours.
  • Fourth year student (Senior)—a student who has passed between 91 and above credit hours.

Classification of all students is made by the Office of the Registrar at the beginning of each academic year.