Polytechnic University Graduate School

Graduate School - Mission & Objectives


The mission of the Graduate School (GS) is to promote and encourage excellence in graduate education for the students, faculty, and the Institution as a whole. To accomplish this mission, the GS values integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness in all that it does. These values are central to the GS’s role in encouraging a creative environment for scholarship and research, teaching and learning. The GS develops new concepts and best practices for graduate education, and supports the Institution in their graduate initiatives and emerging programs. It aims to guarantee that all graduate students regardless of ethnicity, gender, or other individual characteristics are afforded the opportunity to achieve their full potential as professionals.


  • Maintain and communicate a vision of excellence for all aspects of graduate education
  • Provide mechanisms to maintain quality assurance for all aspects of graduate education
  • Maintain equitable standards for all graduate degrees
  • Provide an interdisciplinary perspective by bringing together faculty and students from diverse and individual disciplines
  • Support and monitor graduate student services and ensure that these services are responsive to the needs of graduate students
  • Encourage graduate students to engage in continuous education and research activities