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Associate Degree in Land Surveying

The purpose of Land Surveying is to determine the position of the points, the extension and the limits of details on the surface of the Earth. No tasks related to the legal delimitations of a property or its development would be able to be carried out without land surveying. The Associate Degree in Land Surveying prepares students to handle the field tools and process the data to support the work of a professional surveyor.

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Provide technical knowledge through an enriching educational experience that will prepare students to support the professional practice of Land Surveying and its mission to protect public health and wellbeing.

Long-Term Objectives for the Associate Degree in Land Surveying

  • Contribute to society as skilled technicians capable of doing their job within moral and ethical principles.
  • Provide the alumni with the technical skills and know-how to continue their studies on an undergraduate level.
  • Produce employable and successful alumni.

Work Opportunities

The combination of diverse technologies learned in the course of this Associate Degree fosters a wide variety of work opportunities. Government and private agencies frequently contract land surveying services for projects of construction, survey and delimitation, among others. The Associate Degree in Land Surveying also offers an entrepreneurship course, as well as conversational English labs, designed to improve the competitiveness of our alumni in the work market.

Courses and Credits

Socio-Humanistic Studies 13

Mathematics and Science 9

Concentration 41

Elective 3


Total credits requires to complete the program 66

*Transferrable credits to the Bachelor’s Degree in Land Surveying program 51


The program of Associate Degree in Land Surveying is taught by professional surveyors, especially the concentration courses. Support courses are offered by faculty members specialized in the relevant area, all of whom are adequatly titled, licensed and certified professionals.

Otero Torres, Jason Lecturer; MSc Hydrography, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom,2013. Bachelor of Science in land Surveying and Mapping, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2011.

Laboratories and Equipment

In order to develop the skills of handling tools and on the field, we are equipped with high-precision GPS units, manual GPS, total stations, electronic levels, and other tools used by surveying technicians. We also have modern laboratories furnished with the necessary software to develop skills in the processing of land surveying data and technical drafting.