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The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) is in charge of supporting the University Goal of fostering an applied research environment. It supports researchers in all disciplines by providing information about appropriate sources of external grant and fellowship support for their research and by working with them to prepare grant proposals and budgets. The office is in charge of ensuring that all the proposals submitted on behalf of the institution are in compliance with external and internal regulations. The office personnel also review the proposals before submission for accuracy, completeness, and reasonableness of the budget. The SRO is also responsible for submitting all proposals on behalf of Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Proposal Submission Process

This page will provide investigators and administrators with the information they need to prepare external grant proposals.

  1. The Principal Investigator/Program Director has the responsibility of writing the narrative and budget of their proposal document. However, the SRO will provide advice and help as needed by the PI/PD to prepare a correct budget for the specific agency or sponsor, and the Office of Research staff is available to provide one-on-one assistance on a first in first served basis.

  2. The Sponsored Research Office needs to advanced notification that proposals are under development for submission. This notification should be as far in advance as possible, but at least six (6) working days prior to the submission deadline. The notification should include

    a. The name of the program and agency/sponsor (including the RFP, BAA, or solicitation number),
    b. The deadline date for receipt or submission of the proposal, and
    c. Any other requirements (such as cost-sharing, compliance, subcontracts, etc.).

    Proposals involving subcontracts or other special interactions with other institutions will require more time than this six-day minimum.

  3. The minimum time described above does not include any provisions for network congestion or disconnections, whenever the proposals are submitted electronically. It does not provide either for other proposal being processed by the SRO at the same time. Hence, it is advisable to have your proposal ready with time enough to allow for inconveniences and technical problems in the submission. It is also advisable to have the SRO informed about the intention to submit a proposal from the beginning of the preparation, even when no assistance is required, for scheduling purposes.

  4. Even if the narrative portion is under development, the budget should be provided to the SRO as early as possible for review. Having this in advance of the deadline enables our staff to review the budget according to the agency requirements and university policies. This gives time to the PI/PD to make corrections to the budget even before the narrative is finished..

Contact Information

Sponsored Research Office
Office P-102
PO Box 192017
San Juan, PR 00919-2017 or
377 Ponce de León Avenue
San Juan, PR 00918
Voice: (787) 7517581
Fax: (787) 7672129

Angel Gonzalez-Lizardo, Ph.D.
Voice: 787 622 8000 xt 322

Provi Garcia
(787) 622-8000 ext 487


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