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  • Manufacturing and service companies in both the private and public sectors seek Industrial Engineering graduates for their skills and competencies. In addition to the manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical, electronics, medical devices and assembly-processes companies, which traditionally hire IE´s; other employers of our graduates include banks, hospitals, logistics-distribution firms, retailers, and consulting firms. Practicing industrial engineers serve as transition and integration consultants as well as developers and system architects in the design for producibility and usability of products and services. Industrial engineers, in senior positions, are sought as strategic planners and integrators because of their grasp of comprehensive and complex systems.
  • IE´s lead and manage engineering, manufacturing, service delivery, research and entrepreneurial firms, always searching for and fostering continuous change and improvement. In short, IE´s are called upon to help assure profits, total quality control, cost effectiveness, timeliness, and satisfactory results for customers and strategic impact through continuous improvement and innovation initiatives.
  • Industrial Engineers are particularly sensitive to promoting human values of health, safety and satisfaction. The typical career path is an entry-level engineering or line supervision position that progresses to a management position in the firm or institution. Often, Industrial engineers ultimately become chief executive officers of their organizations.
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  • The student chapter is the organization that officially represents the Industrial Engineering students at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

    Through the student chapter you may obtain experiences of leadership, learning, personal and professional improvement.

    You may develop networking with the professional Institute of Industrial Engineers of the CIAPR in Puerto Rico.

    Our mission is to be an organization that satisfies educational needs through plant visits, employment offers, seminars, professional activities with CIAPR, social activities between students, and the opportunity of a scholarship.
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    Student Chapter
  • Every year the student chapters offer:
    • Plant visit
    • Seminars
    • Volleyball competition
    • Mega Junte with other universities
    • Activities with the Professional Institute
      of Industrial Engineers
    • Activities in behave of the community
    • Others

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  • SUÁREZ REYES, RICARDO I. – Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Detroit; M.C.S., University of Detroit, 1998; M.E.M.E., University of Detroit, 1993; B.S.I.E., Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 1990.
    Ext. 302

    NIEZEN MUÑOZ, CIRCE E. - Associate Professor, MBA, West Virginia University, 2002; MA Foreign Languages, West Virginia University, 2003; ME Management Systems Engineering, U.P.R. Mayaguez, 1998, BSIE, Universidad de Lima, 1995.
    Ext. 641

    PONS FONTANA, CARLOS A.- Associate Professor, Assistant to the Department Head in Student Affairs, Ph. D. Psych., Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, 2004; M.E.M., Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 1994; B.S.I.E., Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 1986; M.S. Psych., Centro Caribeño de Estudios Postgraduados, 1975; B.A. Psych., University of Puerto Rico, 1972.
    Ext. 471
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