Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
  • Message from the Director
  • Rodríguez Jiménez, Othoniel

    In the new global markets where technology dictates the pace of the economy those who prepare themselves in areas such as electrical and computer engineering and computer science are extremely well positioned to succeed. PUPR is intent in offering our students an incomparable bilingual hands-on and theoretical formation. Our Department offers fully accredited programs in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. By enrolling into one of these programs you will be making a lifelong investment in your future. Through these careers you will also have unique opportunities for helping solve many societal problems through the educated ingenuity and creativity that characterizes well-trained engineers and computer scientists.

    As a student in one of the largest Departments within our Engineering School, you will join over 1,100 undergraduate peers distributed among the three programs. Our size allows us to offer all of our required courses on every term, i.e. for three times a year. This full course offering, combined with an extended schedule than runs from 8:00 AM to 10:30PM, provides our students with enormous flexibility for choosing and enrolling into their preferred courses without incurring in any delays due to course or schedule limitations.

    Our students are served by 25 full-time faculty members, many of whom are practicing professionals or have held professional positions in industry as practicing engineers or software developers, and who bring this real-life experience into the classroom. This experience-based pedagogy is further enhanced by 20 part-time faculty members comprised mostly of practicing professionals in engineering and computing. In addition, more than half of our full-time faculty hold Doctoral degrees and are highly qualified to conduct advanced research in their fields of expertise. These faculty members currently hold grants and conduct research in Digital Signal Processing, Information Assurance, Data Security, and other areas of interest. Our focus on teaching, research, and practice enables our students to graduate with a set of skills which are in high demand in the local, regional, and global job market. In fact many receive job offers before graduation.

    Students enrolled in any of our undergraduate programs can also benefit from the respective combined Bachelor-Master program, where the student can register on up to 12 graduate-level credits from any departmental Master-level course in substitution of their undergraduate electives. Students enrolled in the combined BS-MS program can complete their Master degree in only one additional year.

    Every summer term, many of our students conduct internships at universities and research laboratories in the USA and around the world. These enriching experiences also prepare them for pursuing graduate degrees and for future jobs.
    Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET For more information, please visit the following address http://www.abet.org

    The Electrical and the Computer Engineering programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, which qualifies our students for many scholarships and recognitions at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    Please contact us directly if you cannot find the information you need in this Website.

    Our main goal is to help you be successful through an education of excellence. We look forward to personally welcoming you into our department.

    Rodríguez Jiménez, Othoniel
    Department Head

    (787) 622-8000 ext. 370
  • Mission
  • Computer Engineering

    To educate graduates with broad background in mathematics, science, software, and hardware capable of performing successfully as computer engineers and/or pursuing graduates studies.

    Electrical Engineering

    To educate graduates with broad background in computers, mathematics, science, and electrical engineering capable of performing successfully as electrical engineers and pursuing graduate studies.

    Computer Science

    To prepare students with a holistic formation in mathematics, science, computation fundamentals, computers, ethical and legal aspects of computing, languages, design and analysis of algorithms, interface design, database systems and software engineering, capable of joining the workforce as computer scientists and/or pursuing graduate studies.

  • Program Educational Objectives
  • Graduates from the Computer Engineering Program at PUPR will be able to:

    • Serve the needs of Puerto Rico as a changing information and industrial-based society from an ethical and socially responsible perspective.
    • Develop successfully as team members, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in the Computer Engineering arena.
    • Have an in-depth knowledge in major Computer Engineering subjects, and incorporate modern technology, critical thinking, problem solving capabilities and innovation to provide comprehensive solutions to Computer Engineering problems.
    • Improve their professional knowledge through a lifetime of continuing education, research, development, and/or graduate studies.

    Graduates from the Electrical Engineering Program at PUPR will be able to:

    • Join an established business or government agency.
    • Communicate in Spanish and/or English, and engage appropriately in a teamwork environment, as required for the profession.
    • Incorporate the required technical knowledge to develop professionally and ethically in the chosen fields: communications, controls and electronics, or electric power.
    • Be interested in lifelong learning manifested through independent learning, involvement in advanced professional studies in electrical engineering or enrolling in graduate school.

    Graduates from the Computer Science Program will be able to:

    • Be innovators able to apply a multiple-viewpoint understanding of an application domain for the creation of integrated and usable solutions.
    • Develop successfully as team members, leaders, and managers or entrepreneurs, with the proper communication skills and ethical standards to excel as computer science professionals.
    • Be able to develop a business as a computer consultant and/or a provider of computer services and solutions within industrial and governmental organizations.
    • Engage in the lifelong learning of the theoretical and practical areas of computer science in order to keep up with the rapid technological changes and innovation, and/or pursue graduate studies.
    • Apply Computer Science knowledge to other disciplines.

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