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  • In today’s industries, Chemical Engineers can be found almost everywhere. They are involved with planning, designing, constructing, and operating manufacturing processes in a variety of industries. These industries range from the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and agricultural industries to biotechnology, nanotechnology, and advanced materials to even finance, food, electronics, and consumer products. Growing public awareness of the problems of energy and environmental pollution also provides opportunities for chemical engineers in these areas. The B.S. program in chemical engineering prepares graduates for professional careers in industry, government, private laboratories, in engineering design and construction companies, and also for graduate programs.
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    Honor Program


    The Chemical Engineering Department encourages their students to participate in summer internships experiences sponsored by federal and private organizations as well as other universities. Students have the opportunity to conduct research with the guidance of a coach of the sponsor institution. These internships usually take place in the United States; however, there are many opportunities in Puerto Rico as well.

    If you want to get a summer research internship, you should begin to look for them early in October. Usually, universities, federal organisms, and other institutions begin to post their internship opportunities in October and November and the application deadlines are in January or February, some of them have deadlines at the end of December, so it is very useful to be alert. Nevertheless, there are still some institutions that have their application deadlines in March or April, but they are only a few. Following, there are some links where you can find interesting summer internship opportunities.

    Cooperative Education Program (COOP)


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  • The student chapters that officially represent the Chemical Engineering students at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico are the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Student Chapter and the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIQ) of Puerto Rico Student Chapter. Both chapters work together pursuing the same goals, which are:

    1. Promoting the professional and personal development of its members through programs and relationships with other student chapters and the parent professional associations AIChE and IIQ
    2. Contributing to the development and success of the Chemical Engineering Program through activities that involve the faculty and student members matrix

    AIChE & IIQ Student Chapters’ mission is to collaborate to satisfy educational needs of PUPR Chemical Engineering students through seminars, professional activities with experienced engineers from CIAPR (Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico), technical visits, employment aware, and internship and scholarship opportunities, and simultaneously to develop their leadership and team work skills through social and community service activities.

    Becoming a member of the student chapters will give you the opportunity to develop yourself to achieve a learning, personal and professional improvement. You will be able to start networking with professionals from the Institute of Chemical Engineers of the CIAPR. You may obtain many other benefits such as access to e-learning courses, discount access to webinars and conference presentations, registration discounts to the AIChE Spring and Annual Meetings, access to the AIChE eLibrary, among others.

    The members of the AIChE and IIQ Student Chapters are constantly organizing social activities with the purpose of sharing among students, faculty, and professionals. They are also deeply involved in academic activities such as workshops and conferences to learn more about the profession, and in beneficial activities to serve their community. Among the activities the student chapters organize every year, these are the typical ones:

    • Activities with the IIQ-CIAPR; educational ones, like conferences and seminars, and social ones, like the Bowling Tournament, among others
    • Activities with the AIChE, such as participation in regional and national competitions and conferences
    • Workshops, such as MathCad, SketchUp, Excel, P&IDs, and Professional Practice, among others
    • Technical visits to different industries in Puerto Rico
    • School visits to make high school students aware of the usefulness of engineering
    • Social activities like Bowling Night, Beach Volleyball Tournament, Salsa Dance lessons, Ice-Cream Night, among others
    • Community service activities such as beach cleanup, feeding the homeless and other special ones
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  • Chemical Engineering Senior Design Projects are performed in the courses Chemical Engineering Capstone Course I and II. These are probably the most important courses of the program. In these courses, the students apply the engineering concepts learned through their years in their undergraduate studies of the Baccalaureate of Chemical Engineering. They work in teams to complete a design project which correlates all the major areas of their corresponding academic program.

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  • TORO RODRÍGUEZ, FLORABEL, Esq., PE – Associate Professor; Juris Doctor, University of Puerto Rico, 2006, M.E. Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, 1997; B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, 1984.

    E-mail address:
    Phone: (787) 622-8000 X-362
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