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Cuauhtémoc Godoy
Ed. D., P.E.
Interim Department Head

(787) 622-8000 ext.342

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Welcome from the Director's Office

Dear prospective student: I am pleased to know that you are visiting our web page. That means that you are interested in pursuing an academic career in Industrial Engineering. Just as important it is that you are considering enrolling in Industrial Engineering at “La Poly”.

I consider it’s important for you to know a couple of interesting facts about us:

  • For one, Industrial Engineering is a dynamic career. Industrial Engineers (IE) frequently must help companies to stay ahead of the competition developing better and low-cost products and services. As an IE you will always strive to do your job in a better way.
  • Second, as an IE student at PUPR you will learn not only theoretical concepts. No, at PUPR, all of our students must conduct industry based design projects under the supervision of faculty members. Thus, upon graduation you will have many real life experiences doing IE projects in the field.
  • Third, the IE faculty will be there to help you accomplish your objectives. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I’m just saying you will have a hand when you need it, since IE faculty members are very approachable and supporting.

There are many other things I could tell you about IE and about “La Poly”, nevertheless, I would rather have you visit us and find more about us directly. Call us and make an appointment (787-622-8000 ext. 423; csuarez@pupr.edu) and we will show you our facilities, you will meet our faculty members and will have an opportunity to speak with our students.

I look forward to your visit and meeting you. Better yet, I look forward for you to join us as an IE student in the near future.

Best regards,
Cuauhtémoc Godoy, Ed. D., P.E.
Interim Department Head

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