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The PUPR was recently awarded a grant from PRIDCO for the establishment of the Master in Computer Science (first in Puerto Rico) of $450,000. This grant has been used for the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of the PCs and workstations, housed in the Turing laboratory, to provide faculty members and graduate students state-of-the-art equipment to support the research. The ARO DoD recently awarded a grant to the PUPR for the purchase of a Beowulf PC Cluster Super Computer system for the amount of $100,000. This system will be acquired in January 2005 and will be housed in the High Performance Computing Center.

The equipments mentioned aboved will be located in dedicated facilities which will provide the graduate students with a research environment that is typical in advanced studies and simulates a work place environment. It is crucial for students to have the appropriate environment to influence the participant’s endeavors and reach a comfort zone that will lead to optimum performance. It is essential to provide graduate students with a work area that has the necessary privacy to concentrate on the research work, prepare scientific papers, as well as provide students the opportunity to administer their own resources, promote individual development, initiatives, and life-long learning. These workstations are required to have high-performance architectures that will enable students to work with scientific and business applications. This equipment represents the fundamental backbone for the progress of the research projects which rely on high performance computing. Diversity will be obtained through a multi platform environment which will include operating systems such Linux and Windows. This will allow the students to work with different programming languages and applications, as well as databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, among others.

Previous software agreements with Oracle and Microsoft will provide this laboratory with the latest database and Internet application development software. Programs such as Oracle and SQL Server, Visual Basic, Java, C++, HTML and PERL will be used to develop high-tech database and Internet applications, and Web sites for traditional business and e-commerce. Under the Microsoft Academic Alliance we are entitled to use the following software:

  • Windows (versions from 3.1 to beta version of Longhorn)
  • Access 2003
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2003
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2002/2003
  • BackOffice Server 2000
  • BizTalk Server 2000
  • Commerce Server 2002
  • eMbedded Visual C++
  • eMbedded Visual Tools
  • Visual Studio (6/.NET/.NET 2003)
  • MSDN Libraries
  • Microsoft Virtual PC

** This is just a partial listing of the software available

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