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B.S. in Computer Science

Educational Objectives

The CS undergraduate program actively encourages through professional development the intellectual development of the students and the desire to continue advanced degrees. The student is expected to reflect current trends and offer novel solutions to organizational problems.

Emphasis is placed in adhering to ethical standards both at personal and professional levels. Through cooperative teamwork the graduate develops respect for human dignity, understanding, and consideration.

The program leading to the Bachelor Degree in CS provides students with the necessary knowledge and training to perform as Computer Science professionals. It is designed to help the students understand human nature and is intended to:

  • Reflect current trends and developments.
  • Stimulate students to actively seek professional development to stay on the cutting-edge of the technology.
  • Enable the graduate to pursue Master's and eventually, Doctoral degrees.
  • Prepare students for work in a research and development environment.
  • Provide for the application of systems, software, procedures, and theories of computer science to other disciplines.
  • Provide for the development of software systems to control and communicate with equipment.
  • Provide the student with state-of-the-art computer applications.
  • Teach the student to adhere to ethical standards.
  • Prepare the student to use, evaluate and apply existing knowledge to unknown situations.
  • Prepare the students to develop novel solutions to simple and complex problems in the area of Information Technology (IT).
  • Prepare the student to participate effectively in cooperative teamwork and apply team methods.
  • Teach the student to actively seek and employ current practice standards.

Some of the goals of the program are:

  1. To contribute to the socio-economic development of Puerto Rico through the formation of well rounded educated professionals.
  2. Provide access to higher education to additional segments of our population other than traditional high school graduates.
  3. To provide computer scientists with a program that will enable them to become managers in public and private enterprises.
  4. To foster the linkage between industry, government, commerce, professional associations and engineering education.
  5. To keep our students abreast of modern technological advancements.
  6. To develop qualified professionals with mastery in their specialized fields and an adequate general culture
  7. To develop in the future computer scientist a profound ethical commitment and a sense of social responsibility.
  8. To promote the linkage among the university, and it’s immediate Community: the metropolitan area and Puerto Rican society at large.
  9. To develop research skills in its students and to promote scientific research.
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