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B.S. in Computer Science

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is one of the most popular programs in today’s high-tech, computer oriented academic curriculums. It is ideal for undergraduates that want to obtain professional knowledge and skills that will eventually lead to a career in computer programming or a related field. The Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (CS) will prepare the student with skills that are already of great demand in today’s fast paced, highly competitive work areas. Related positions are well paid because companies are in need of resources that know how to develop and/or maintain software and hardware components and computer systems. This program is an excellent choice for students who want to continue careers in application development, software engineering, appropriate analysis & design methods, and the development of hardware & software components.

Business Based Systems, Internet-Based Entrepreneurship and Computational Science Software Development are three areas in the CS program that promise to embrace the skills needed to compete in today’s high-tech workplaces. These areas intend to deliver the understanding required for the design of large systems such as networks, operating systems, data bases and data warehouses, e-commerce applications & strategies, and business based systems.

Candidates possessing this academic preparation could properly occupy programming and software development, as well as managerial positions. If well prepared in the analytical aspects of computing, the candidate could also occupy a position as Software Engineer.

The continuing strong demand for computer science and related careers is pervasive. Due to the broad number of areas of technology the program emphasizes, opportunities of employment are plentiful, encompassing a very good number of occupations and employers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts this strong demand for CS professionals to continue through the year 2008 (Occupational Outlook Quarterly 2001, Fall). Of all occupations analyzed, the system analyst position is projected to have one of the highest demands, as well as other computer related occupations and managerial positions. These occupations will have over 54,000 annual average job openings at a Bachelor’s Degree level. The CS field also remains attractive in regard to compensation. In 1998, raises in CS were second highest of all professions, only slightly below engineering. These growth and pay level factors indicate that Computer Science professionals will continue to be in strong demand over the next decade. These jobs are also considered among the best in overall working conditions and opportunity for advancement, as mentioned in the “Jobs Rated Almanac” published in 1999. Students with the invaluable education in CS are surely at a career advantage.

According to a poll conducted by Management Recruiters International Inc. (Cleveland-Ohio based search and recruitment company), the author states that “The need for upper level managers, executives, and technical professionals with bachelor’s or graduate degrees in engineering, computer science and math fields is just as intense as ever”. Of the tech companies surveyed, 72.5 percent said that they plan to increase hiring in these positions in the next six months, provided they can find people to fill these slots.

As informed in the Occupational Outlook Quarterly of Fall 2000, statistics from the BLS project that computer system analysts, engineers and scientists are expected to be the fastest growing and rank among the top 20 in the number of new jobs created over the 1998-2008 period. Rapid employment growth in the computer and data processing services industry should result in favorable opportunities for those who qualify for computer analyst, scientist and/or related jobs. These sectors are reported to employ the greatest number of computer scientists.

Businesses and organizations continue to integrate state-of-the-art technologies that streamline their computer systems. Innovation is the key to success. More sophisticated technological breakthroughs are needed in order to keep up with the constant changes that lead any business or organization in any industry towards a competitive edge. Hardware and software demand in the areas of expert systems, artificial intelligence, data base, multimedia, automatic testing, networks, Internet and intranet technology applications, robotics, expanding data processing systems, telecommunications (as well as scientific investigations, the government and other settings), are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Therefore, the need for computer analysts and scientists is more than obvious; they are the professionals required to analyze, design, implement, test, safeguard, maintain and troubleshoot the software and systems that are the pillars of the technological changes and breakthroughs occurring throughout the world.

Favorable prospects must have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field. Strong problem solving and analytical skills are required, as well as effective communication with team members, staff and clients. The supply of computer related degree holders could possibly not keep up with the demand for computer scientists and analysts.

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