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A vibrant university working alongside excellent universities around the world. We encourage collaboration with universities in other countries in order to enrich the college experience and the quest for knowledge.The college experience plays an integral part in an individual’s development. Our students have a place where to mingle, study and exercise.


Preparing the entrepreneurs of the future

Our School of Management excels as it prepares future professionals with the necessary management know-how in order to contribute productively to their companies and to society in general. It is one of the few institutions in Puerto Rico that is a member of the Latin American Council of Schools of Management (CLADEA), one of the largest networks of business schools worldwide.

The School’s offerings are divided into four areas of expertise: Marketing, building management, general management, and accounting.

Furthermore, the School of Management also offers a joint program with the Graduate School that allows a student to work on a master’s degree as he/she completes a bachelor’s.


Practicing in the real world

New advances in technology and design ensure the School of Engineering and Geomatic Sciences is always one step ahead.

The Polytechnic University guarantees its students have a solid background in math and science as part of their engineering and land surveying classes.

Its innovative approach of theory and practice in which the students need to complete a numbers of hours working professionally in their areas of expertise is purposely oriented at preparing problem-solving professionals who will be capable of dealing with real life situations in their careers.

The Polytechnic University is proud to be the only academic institution in Puerto Rico offering a program in Mechanical Engineering with a major in Aerospace, and a program in Environmental Engineering.


Creating socially responsible communities

The School of Architecture, ARQPOLI, is a community of professionals, professors, and students constantly engaged in seeking solutions to contemporary local issues. This commitment guides us in the search for doable and practical solutions for our future.

The school’s community interacts with the assorted landscape of our society without forgetting the role we play in the Caribbean region and our participation in global culture.


The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico has a flexible admissions policy. It provides an opportunity to high school graduates or individuals who have passed a state high school equivalency examination to enroll in university credit courses and programs. Students should avail themselves of the Student Regulations, copies of which are distributed by the Dean for Student Affairs. The institution reserves the right to admit, on a temporary status, or reject, any applicant who fails to meet any criteria. An Admission Application and the corresponding fee are valid for one academic year.

Institutional policy of credit validation

Agreement between UPPR and other educational institutions