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Honor Program

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Honor Program Website. We recognize how valuable websites are in upholding the channels of communication and keeping our students informed about the happenings of a program that stimulates academic excellence.

This is why we invite you to look over our website, where you will find useful information about the benefits and requirements of the Honor Program. You will also be able to access important data about a variety of scholarships, internships, events and notifications for future events.

We are very proud to have students with such high academic performance, and we are honored to recognize their merits. Day by day we make an effort to encourage students to excel at their academic, professional and cultural endeavors. We invite you to become part of our program and enjoy the opportunity to widen and develop your horizons.

Our office is located on the second floor (level M) of the multipurpose building, by the Gym.

Thank you for visiting us.


Eng. Wilfredo Torres Vélez
Director, Honor Program
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

About the Program

The Honor Program has the mission to provide a dynamic environment for all participating students to improve their personal growth and academic performance, with the help of counseling and various activities. Our program is member of two important organizations dedicated to developing events for honor program students in Puerto Rico and the US, and to provide learning tools for faculty members: the Puerto Rico Honor Program University Association (AUPH, Asociación Universitaria de Programas de Honor de Puerto Rico) and the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).

Requirements for Admission

I. New Students

  • Have a grade point average of 3.25 or higher
  • Obtain at least 1800 points in the Academic Skills (Aprovechamiento Académico) section (Spanish, Mathematics and English) in the College Board test
  • Pass 11 credits or more per trimester
  • Enroll in Honor Courses (if applicable)

II. Active Students

  • Academic progress of 3.25 or higher
  • Pass 11 credits or more per trimester
  • Complete 33 credits during the academic year (August to July)
  • Enroll in Honor Courses (if applicable)

III. Transfer Students

  • Students must take 33 credits during their first year at Polytechnic University.
  • After having approved 33 credits, the student will be classified as a regular student and the requirements for this classification will be applied.
  • Pass 11 credits or more per trimester
  • Have no more than 80 credits approved at another institution.
  • Enroll in Honor Courses (if applicable)

IV. Program Benefits

  • Extended loan terms at the Library
  • Express Line at the Finances Department to get registration validated
  • up to 33% initial deposit for enrollment in case the student has no other scholarships to cover the requires amount to get their registration validated
  • Students with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher are eligible for the Honor Roll Scholarship
  • Some additional requirements may apply to determine the selection of students who will benefit from this financial aid
  • Invitation to technology and cultural events
  • Invitation to social events with students from other honor programs in Puerto Rico
  • Honor courses.

V. Additional Information

  • Financial aid will be allotted according to the budget approved for each academic year. This means that studenst with a higher GPA will have priority.
  • This scholarship is awarded at the beginning of each academic year (August) and is updated each trimester. The allotted amounts may be different for each trimester or academic year.
  • Students must fulfill attendance to certain events and meetings, and enroll in honor courses to receive the program benefits.
  • With the help of other offices, foundations and institutions, we will seek out the means to help reduce the financial cost of enrollment.
  • If for any reason a student does not receive his/her credit during the trimester on course, this amount will be honored for the next trimester. This should be notified to the Program Director.

Notice Board

Notifications from the Honor Program

The purpose of this section is to announce and promote all information regarding scholarships, internships and conferences of great interest and help to members of the Honor Program. Much of this information is also located in bulletins throughout our institution.

Below you will find a list and brief description of the information you may find in our announcements.



To use the online enrollment system, a minimum deposit of 50% is required to be able to allot payment to the courses. The students participating in the Honor Program that wish to continue using the minimum 33% benefit should enroll manually at the Honor Program Office, the Court or at the Finance Department. All students must fill an application to the Pell Grant, even if they’re not eligible.



To receive the Honor Scholarship for the first time, or continue receiving it, it is necessary to enroll in all corresponding Honor Courses. Sections for these courses are numbered in the 90’s. Please come to our office to make arrangements for enrollment.


In this page you will quickly find various financial aid options that will help you cover your academic expenses. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to apply for the aid you need. This is recommended for all academic programs.

Employment Opportunities

Live. Learn. Intern


1. The student will receive the readmission application form from the Registrar’s Office, and will submit it back to the Registrar’s Office.

2. The student will pay a readmission fee, which is not refundable.

3. Upon payment of the readmission fee, the Finance Office will proceed to notify the student of any debt with the Institution.

4. If the student is indebted to the indebted to the Institution, the process of readmission is held up until the student pays the debt and receives the approval from the Finance Office.

5. The Registrar’s Office will apply the following criteria to evaluate the readmission application.

— Study any evidence of disciplinary measures taken or non compliance with University regulations and stipulations made.

— Verify that the student complies with minimum G.P.A. according to Table A (Retention Index – Qualitative Element).

— Confirm that the student complies with the required suspension time limit.

6. A student whose readmission application has been denied may appeal to the Readmissions Committee through the Registrar’s Office. The student will receive instructions regarding the procedure to follow in order to request reconsideration by the Committee.

7. If the student has a grade point average lower than required, or if required suspension time limit has not expired and the Committee rules in favor of the student, readmission will be granted on a probationary basis. The condition of the probation period will be:

— The student must pass all courses for which he/she is registered with grade of C or higher.

— The academic load will be limited to a maximum of twelve (12) credit-hours per term.

— The G.P.A. should be increased or improved according to what has been established.

8. Students who have voluntarily interrupted their studies at PUPR, and during this inactive period have attended one or more institutions without prior permission from the Department Chairperson, will have no right to request the transfer of any credit-hours passed in that incursion.

9. The decision of the Readmissions Committee will be sent in writing to the student through the Registrar’s Office.

Contact Us

Eng. Wilfredo Torres Vélez
Director of the Honor Program
787-622-8000 ext. 420


Mrs. Yanira Santiago Rosso
Administrative Assistant
Honor Program
787-622-8000 ext. 384

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday
9:30am – 12:30m – 1:00 – 6:00 pm

8:00 am – 12:00 m – 12:30 – 2:30 pm


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