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Dra. Milagros

Centro de Progreso Universitario

Laboratorio de Idiomas

Laboratory Regulations

To Alumni and Lab Users:

  • Access to the Language Lab is exclusive for the Institution’s alumni and properly authorized personnel.

  • Access is subjected to the assigned schedule. Students without an assigned session will only be attended with previous appointment and subjected to availability.

  • The management of the Language Lab, its hardware and software is assigned to the Lab Technician.

  • The personnel responsible for the Language Lab (technician, tutors and professors on shift are in charge of supervising the execution of the established regulations).

  • The use of the Internet is restricted to the material authorized by professors or the personnel in charge.

  • No food, drinks or chewing gum is permitted.

  • Neatness and hygiene is compulsory in the study area.

  • The equipment must be used adequately.

  • The personnel of the Language Lab must be respect at all time.

  • All attendance register must be signed daily.

  • The use of hardware susceptible to computer virus is prohibited (pen drive (USB), CD and DVD).

  • Introducing sharp objects that can damage the hardware is forbidden (pen, blades, key, etc.).

  • Wrecking the equipment and its audiovisual devices is illicit (monitor, CPU, keyboard, speakers, etc.).

  • Keep a good individual and collective behavior.

  • As soon as you enter the Lab, revise the general state of the computer and its devices and report immediately any irregularity.

  • Use, during the course of the trimester the same equipment assigned by your instructor.

  • Do not move or reallocate the furniture or the hardware assigned to the Language Lab.

  • Avoid engaging in activities unlike the ones authorized, such as one that can wreck the equipment.

  • Alumni using the Lab’s equipment and devices for purposes others than those foreseen, without prior personnel authorization, would be initially warned. In case of recurrence, he/she would be suspended from the Language Lab for the rest of the course and forfeit the grade designate to the lab.

  • Wrecking the furniture or equipment or using it for unforeseen purposes can be reason for sanction according to the rules established on the Student’s Manual.

  • Professors who intend using the Language Lab must reserve a date with a two weeks minimum notice and provide the material needed.

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