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Dra. Milagros

Centro de Progreso Universitario

Laboratorio de Idiomas


Services offered by the Language Laboratory use an interactive methodology with a communicative approach, which is adjusted to the particularities of the languages that the laboratory offers.

This approach is strengthened by the incorporation of technology (computer system, CD - ROM, videos, audio, smart board, etc.). We offer the perfect combination of classroom teaching and virtual media support (English Central, Tell Me More, English Discoveries and Blackboard Enterprise) so that their interaction with English becomes constant. Students will find in the language lab software that promotes interaction, providing language resources and maximizing practice within and outside the classroom, which speeds up the whole learning process.

In our methodology you will also find:

  • Constructivist Approach, among others. Practice of lexical phrases.
  • The use of modern materials (online news reports of real and authentic context.)
  • Task - based activities.
  • Practical vocabulary and expressions of today.

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