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Laboratorio de Idiomas

Laboratory Characteristics

language lab

The language laboratory is designed so that students can practice skills transmitted in class and simultaneously keep in touch with technologies from the XXI century. There are several educational programs focused on developing the four English language arts in addition to various platforms that integrate both, the Internet and the Institution’s Blackboard Enterprise resources. Most of these resources can work remotely, always supervised by a tutor or technician, for the greater benefit of the student. The laboratory has a physical capacity of thirty (30) students. Each computer has a separate audio system, Internet access and the ability to record tasks through a microphone. We employ several platforms and educational programs. These include: Blackboard Enterprise, English Discoveries, English Central, Tell Me More, and YouTube. Online resources, audiovisual facilities (projector, smart board) and traditional teaching methods are also used.

Each student is supervised by the technician for the proper handling of equipment, through “Robotel”, a learning management program that also enables remote interaction, among other benefits.

As a remote quality, the Laboratory could almost double its capacity through online tutorials and learning modules.

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