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Places to visit:

This page is intended to give the delegates an idea of some places they can visit.  The social program may include one of these but details will be given later.  Puerto Rico is 100 miles long by 35 miles wide.  Any destination can be reached from San Juan, PR in 1 to 3 hour of driving time.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company has sponsored a very unique tool (www.eyetour.com) for those interested to get the most of your trip to Puerto Rico. You can be your own guide, by downloading short narrated videos for your ipod (for free), giving you the information you need for planning prior to your visit or directions, hours of operation, things to do, places to go, and places to eat once you get there.

If you click the following images you will be directed to the site.

Some ideas are given below, which are included in the www.eyetour.com website.


1.  Old San Juan , San Juan, PR, USA:


2.  "El Morro" (Fort), Old San Juan, San Juan , PR, USA:


3.  "Arecibo Observatory", Arecibo, PR, USA:



4.  "Rio Camuy Caverns", Camuy, PR, USA:



5.  "Guajataca beach", Isabela, PR, USA:



6.  "Jobos beach", Isabela, PR, USA:



7.  "Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena", Aguadilla, PR, USA:



8.  "Lighthouse of Rincón", Rincón, PR, USA:



9.  "Sail during sunset", Rincón, PR, USA:



10.  "Guánica Dry Forest Reserve", Guánica, PR, USA:



11.  "Parque de Bombas", Ponce, PR, USA:



12.  "Cruceta El Vigia", Ponce, PR, USA:



13.  "Serrallés Castle", Ponce, PR, USA:



14.  "Ponce Museum of Art", Ponce, PR, USA:




15.  "Hacienda Buena Vista", Ponce, PR, USA:



16.  El Yunque National Rainforest, Sierra de Luquillo, Rio Grande, PR, USA:









17.  "Flamenco beach", Culebra, PR, USA:

**Since Culebra is a small island to the East-Southeast of the main island of Puerto Rico, to get to Flamenco beach be advised that at Fajardo, PR you will have to take the Ferry or small plane (more information here) .