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Call for papers (here):

Submission of abstracts are now being accepted.  Two-page extended abstracts (in English) are due by November 24, 2008 (December 10, 2008).  For abstract guidelines, template and submission click here.   Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee, and authors will be notified of acceptance by Late-February, 2009. 

Full papers (8-16 pages) are due no later than April 30, 2009 (May 14, 2009).  For paper guidelines, template and submission click here.


- Wind climate

- Extreme value analysis and design wind prediction

- Wind measurement and monitoring

- Hurricanes, tornadoes and downburst characteristics

- Wind-related hazards

- Wind-borne debris - trajectories and impacts

- Structural aerodynamics

- Wind loading and response of offshore platforms

- Dynamic response and control

- Wind-induced vibrations

- Computational wind engineering

- Wind tunnel testing

- Full scale and field studies

- Wind damage

- Loss estimation and insurance

- Wind and emergency management

- Wind energy

- Wind erosion

- Dispersion of pollutants

- Urban wind issues

- Vehicle aerodynamics

- Wind engineering applications

- Wind codes and standards

- Wind engineering education